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There is an era coming to an end in my life very soon – one of my wonderful flatmates is moving on to greener pastures. No, there has been no big fight, no clashing of personalities, just a pure and simple case of it being time to move on. Move overseas to work/travel/have amazing adventures! And I am a complete jumble of emotions; incredibly sad (I will miss her terribly, and worry about her when she’s over there – even though I know she’s going to be just fine!), so happy for someone to be following their dreams and all the wonderful experiences they will have, proud of their courage to actually do it (live & work overseas is something I always wanted to do, but let fear of the unknown get in my way). And of course, I’m oh, so jealous!

While I can’t be too sad when I know that there is so much happiness coming from this, there is another side: change. The unknown. Who will the new person be to fill the soon to be empty spot in our household? Will they get on with us (myself & my other wonderful flatmate)? Will their personalities jell with ours? Will they do their share of the housework and cleaning? Will they want to socialise with us? Have nice friends to bring around to our house? Be able to pay the bills on time? Be considerate? Be a positive force in our home?

Will we pick the right person…? Because after all, it’s all up to us. We have the deciding vote.

It can be so damn hard to face change in your life; much easier to keep doing the same thing over and over, take the easy way out and put your head in the sand – if you cant see the change, then it’s not happening. Or take the victim’s route; pick the first one that comes along and be damned with the consequences, after all I didn’t ask for this, so it’s not my fault if this next person turns out to be a disaster. It’s not fair – I don’t want things to change! (insert virtual foot stamping here haha).

I wrote this in one of my earlier posts, and I’m revisiting it now as a reminder:

…it’s ok to not have a set plan in life! These last few years have taught me that stuff is going to happen whether you like it or not; it’s more about how you deal with it, adapt to it, and move forward from/with it. I have no idea what’s going to happen in the next 12mths, but I hope to have some more fun and adventures along the way! Life doesn’t have to be so rigid and serious all the time.

Fair? Who ever said life was fair?? Yeah, I can choose to be sad, and get worked up about the situation, about how it’s inconveniencing me, disgruntled about being shoved out of my comfort zone…

Or I can choose to take control. Choose to make informed decisions – my house, my life, my happiness, my choice! An end of one era is just the beginning of another. Nothing can stay the same forever, and I shouldn’t expect it to – how boring would that be?! The same thing day in, day out, for years on end. No challenge.

No thanks.

I choose to keep moving forward in my life. I choose to see this as an opportunity to meet someone new, someone who could potentially become just as important in my life the way another new person has over the last 2yrs, the same person who I’m now so sad to see leave…

Life just keeps reinforcing to me just how much people come into your life for a particular reason. That reason may not become clear until way down the track, in some cases not even until long after they’ve phased out of your life. But there was definitely a reason, and a lesson the Universe meant for you to learn; if you have your head in the sand, how can you listen to what that lesson is? How can you open your eyes and see the new opportunities right there in front of you?

It’s still scary to invite someone new, someone who is a stranger, to live in your home. But as the dozens of emails, text messages, and phone calls continue to stream in and get weeded down into actual faces looking into our rooms, our house, our home… it’s getting exciting; that potential for new fun is starting to surface.