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My gosh it’s been so long since I’ve posted – what a whirlwind 8mths that has been! I am amused to see from my last post that I’ve actually come full circle; back to having a sore back.

In the meantime, there was this random sicknesses (C-Diff is really not pleasant, it’s a bit like have sudden bouts of food poisoning every few days for 3mths), starting a new relationship with an old ex, a cruise around the Pacific Islands with lots of cocktails and snorkeling, the dreaded start back at Uni after my 12mth sabbatical and all the doubts that came with it (was I doing the right thing? Would I remember how to write an assignment? How will I cope not having my group of Uni friends there with me to rely on because they’re now a year ahead of me? How will I cope with full-time Uni and full-time work again…??), another change in household flatmates, a negative boyfriend who became jealous of time spent slaving over 9 assignments in 8wks instead of spending time with him, migraines lasting 2wks at a time (but now sorted with some fabulous preventative drugs), deciding the guy should be moved back to ex status, two weeks glorious Uni holidays on which I found out I had torn not one, but two, of my lower spinal discs because I don’t do things by halves… and tomorrow I start back at Uni for semester 2 with a 7days/week Uni/work timetable which I promised myself I would never do again since that very first semester back in 2010.

However, even with all that going on, I pined to have a little time to myself to collect my thoughts and write a few words down. Words that had nothing to do with the sociological background or philosophical theories of education, or how to insert sustainable environmental practices and dramatic art into everyday life within a Year 1 class… I longed to sit quietly and pull apart the million of thoughts and emotions rolling around inside myself over those months. Even though I wrote a dozen or so [totally awesome] posts in my head, the ideas came and went, floating through my brain like leaves down a swollen river, being tossed aside to make room for referencing text books, journal articles and making sure my assignment word count didn’t exceed the allocated 10% margin.

Science teachers on playground dutyRealistically I wont have time to post much this semester either, instead the brain power will need to focus on educational science, classroom behavioral management techniques, gearing up for another prac, and staying calm and collected with the weird and wonderful calls we get as standard in any one night at work (I work for a 24hr banking call centre).

But that doesn’t mean I have to let all the good thoughts pass me by this time! Instead I will aim to capture a few of the positive moments and ideas that happen. Moments to remind myself that everything happens for a reason, so I’d better breathe deep, find a positive slant on the situation, splash a smile on my face, and keep on keeping on!

Instead of full-on posts, I’ll be reminding myself of my Simple Pleasures in Life – the little things that make me smile and remember how lucky I am. So what if I have to work and study 7day/week for the next 5mths and I’ll be frazzled and pulling my hair out in a few weeks time! So what if I have to takes things a bit slower and I have to put off letting my hair down on the dance floor for a while due to my silly back! At least I have a good job and can pay all my bills, I can still walk and it’s not a tumor in my spine – there are people in far worse off situations than me! I will draw on the unlimited strength I know I have within myself, and I will continue to find the positives in life.Bethankful

Now enough about positivity, this Cinderella is long overdue to get some shuteye to be ready for those information packed back-to-back lectures I have first thing tomorrow morning…